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This little demo app simulates Brownian motion of a single particle. It uses the included Graph.elm library to map Cartesian to screen coordinates and provide other conveniences.

The particle makes random moves in the x and y directions. Its color also undergoes Brownian motion: random increments are added to the R and B values of the RGBA color value of the circle representing the particle. Thus the full Brownian motion explores a 4-dimensional xyRB space.

Some further directions, which I may or may not explore:

  • Add fields to control various parameters, e.g., the size of the square within within which the particle moves, the radius of particle, the time between updates, etc. Perhaps change the field of motion from a square to a circle.

  • Experiment with the "rebound" algorithm, which determines what happens when the particle collides with a wall.

  • Simulate the motion of more than one particle.

  • Display a graph of the distance of the particle from the origin as a function of time.


Run elm-make src/BrowniamMotion.elm, then open the index.html file.


See brownian_motion_2.png