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This repository is a series of experiments in making drawings using Elm. Therefore it will likely change a lot.

Run the code the examples folder to see how the modules Geometry, Shapes, and Iterate are used. You can use the Elm reactor: clone the repository, cd into it, and run elm-reactor

Look at the images folder to see the output produced by the code in the examples folder.

  • composition1.elm: "abstract art" with circles, ellipses, and rectangles. Uses src/Geometry

  • composition2.elm: A sequence of circles of decreasing size, each one tangent to the preceding one. Uses src/Shape

  • composition2b.elm: The same as above, but using iteration of maps to produce the image. The drawing calls on the code in src/Iterate and src/Shape.


    provides utilities for translating and scaling SVG objects as well as chaining these transformations together.


    provides (1) an AbstractCircles class that is easy to manipulate, (2) a function to map AbstractCircles to SVG circles


    provides a utility for constructing the orbit of a map: [a, f(a), f(f(a)), .. ]. In combination with various transforms, one can use Iterate to easily make drawings with repeated elements, as in src/Composition2b.elm