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Math Markdown

The aim of the Math Markdown library is to provide a tool for rendering Markdown text with embedded math-mode TeX, e.g.,

This **is** a test: $a^2 + b^2 = c^2$.

At the moment, the "version" of Markdown we have implemented is primitive. Nonetheless, it is quite serviceable. See for a working example.

We will be working to expand the coverage of Math Markdown.


To convert text to Html, do something like this:

MMarkdown.toHtml [ ] "This **is** a test: $a^2 + b^2 = c^2$."

Demo app

There is a demo in ./app. To run it, go into that folder and say sh Then double-click on index.html.


The style used by MMarkdown is entirely determined by the definitions of the CSS classes given in index.html. See the code in ./app/index.html for examles to imitate. Consequently they are easily configured for whatever application yuo have in mind.


The javascript code in .app/index.html is essential to the proper rendering of mathematical text. It should be copied verbatim for your own app.

Markdown extensions

I am trying to be conservative about extensions to Markdown. However, there are two that I thought important enough to add: poetry blocks and verbatim text.
Poetry blocks are are like quotation blocks, except that they begin with ">>" instead of ">". Line endings are respected in poetry blocks. Verbatim blocks are like code blocks, except that they are set off by four backticks instead of three. No syntax coloring is applied to verbatim blocks.

Technical stuff: the Differ module

Math Markdown exposes only two modules — MMarkdown and Differ. The purpose of the Differ module is to speed up the parse-render operation by reparsing and rerendering only text that has been changed. This module is used in the demo app.

I addition increased speed, using Differ results in a smoother user experience, since only small parts of the document being edited need to be re-processed.

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