Elm demo of PO Box concept for exchanging data between apps living in the same browser
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PO Box

PO Box is an experiment in setting up a mail box system of communication among Elm apps living in the same web page, e.g., different tabs thereof. Local storage is used as a post office, with a mail box for each app. Apps are distinguished by an identifier, e.g. "aaa123" for one app, and "xxx456" for another. Each app sets up an entry in local storage, where the key is the app identifier and the value is a string representing a list of JSON-encoded Elm values of type Message:

type alias Message =
    { to : String
    , from : String
    , subject : String
    , body : String
    , timeSent : Time.Posix

The subject field can be something generic like "message," of it can be used as a key for determining what action the receiving app takes on the information contained in the message body. Of course, the Message type can be customized according to need.

When app aaa123 sends a message to xxx456, that message is appended to the list with key xxx456. Thus a app xxx456 may receive messages from many others.

Ports are used both to send and receive messages. In the current version, an app implementing PO Box asks the post office to send any waiting messages once per clock tick (one second). When this operation is carried out, the app's mail box is cleared out.


In the demo, all messages are sent with subject "message". The source code for this experiment is at https://github.com/jxxcarlson/pobox

To play with PO Box, do sh make.sh, then click on index1.html and index2.html. Your browser should be configues so that these open up in different tabs of the same browser window. Try sending messages from each app, and see what happens in the other app.

In this demo, all the app does on receipt of a new message is add it to its list of messages.

In this demo, both apps are identical. They don't have to be.


I'd very much appreciate comments, e.g., is this is viable concept?