Elm program to simulate a simple dice-playing game.
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RandomWalk is a simulation of a simple dice-playing game. The (solitary) player begins with $4 and repeatedly rolls a die. If it comes up even, he wins one dollar. If it comes up odd, he loses a dollar.

Install: Run sh build.sh

Source files: src/randomWalk.elm is the game simulation file. It relies on src/Graph.elm. This module is of general use for drawing graphs and simple geometric figures using coordinates in the Cartesian plane.

Run: Open index.html in your browser

Image: the image randomWalk.jpg gives an image of one game.

About the Graph Library: The library Graph.elm can be used for a variety of image-making purposes. See src/Composition1.jpg for an example, and see image/composition1.png for an image produced with this technology.