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G0Bin is a client side encrypted pastebin. The server has zero knowledge of pasted data. Data is encrypted/decrypted in the browser using 256 bits AES.


G0Bin is a Go port of 0bin (written in Python). 0bin in turn is an implementation of the ZeroBin project (written in PHP).

This project was created mostly as a Go learning exercise through converting a project I use often. It also serves as a great sample project in Go since it only uses the standard library.

Here are some elements that are have been implemented.

NOTE: The demo was modified to run on Google App Engine using the Datastore API.

How it works

When pasting a text into G0Bin:

Encryption image

  • You paste your text in the browser and click the “Submit” button.
  • A random 256 bits key is generated in the browser.
  • Data is compressed and encrypted with AES using Javascript libraries.
  • Encrypted data is sent to the server and stored.
  • The browser displays the final URL with the key.
  • The key is never transmitted to the server, which therefore cannot decrypt data.

When opening a G0Bin URL:

Decryption image

  • The browser requests encrypted data from the server
  • The decryption key is in the anchor part of the URL (#…) which is never sent to the server.
  • Data is decrypted in the browser using the key and displayed.


Clone this repository, build it and run it.

git clone
cd g0bin
go build

To run G0Bin on a different port, modify the Port setting in config.json.

The configuration of G0Bin can also be reloaded by sending a HUP signal to the process.



This project modifies the Python implementation and cleans things up to make them more generic. It has the following changes:

  • Remove extra header links.
  • Remove extra link options.
  • Remove extra layout details.
  • Set Burn after reading as default option.

Here are some items which are in the Python implemention which have not been implemented.

  • Paste counter - Display a tiny counter for pastes created
  • Names/links to insert in the menu bar
  • Paste ID length
  • Clone paste

Copyright (c) 2016 Julian Yap

MIT License


G0Bin is a client side encrypted pastebin written in Go




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