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Who is Warpstorm?

We're a community that started 20 years ago to talk about video games. We're not a company. Warpstorm is owned by one person, and is operated by a small handful of admins. The admins are highly vetted by each other and have all known each other for 20 years.

We value privacy. Yours and ours.

What Warpstorm knows about you.

  • Birthday month & day, optional.
  • An email address, semi-optional.
  • Site usage stuff.

Who can access your data

The admins of this site have access to anything above. Our service providers could theoretically access your info as well.

How your data is shared.

It's not shared intentionally with anyone outside of Warpstorm.

How your data is used.


We optionally display a marker by your username on your birthday. This could potentially be used by other members of the site to identify which day of the year is your birthday, but the year and your age are not shared by us.

An email address

Warpstorm encourages you to use throwaway accounts to register, and only offers activation in order to ensure that you have an email address that supports resetting your own password.

ASP.NET Identity Framework

We use cookies that are provided by Microsoft's framework. They are used to simply track if you're logged in or not.

Microsoft Azure

We don't use third party analytics providers. There's some stats that are kept by Azure, but it's mainly things like which page you accessed, how much CPU your request used, etc.


We use recaptcha to protect against bots during registration and login only. No other google services are used here, even google analytics.


We may, from time to time, try out content delivery networks to host certain common client side assets like javascript frameworks. They may track your usage. We strive to serve all files locally though, and avoid CDNs where feasible.

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