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Web Engine for Collective Repositories. Based principally on CakePHP and MySQL

Initiated and mainly directed by Jérémy Barbay. Participating students listed in Section (Academic) History



  • MySQL 5.1
  • PHP 5.3 (any php5 should work fine too)
  • Apache 2.2

Getting the source

Open a console and get the source

git clone git://


Then you’ll have a copy of the source at local.

Create the following folders and give these permissions (some of them already exist):

  • chmod o+w app/tmp
  • chmod o+w app/tmp/cache
  • chmod -R o+w app/tmp/cache/persistent
  • chmod -R o+w app/tmp/cache/models
  • chmod -R o+w app/tmp/logs

Copy database.php.default to database.php, and core.php.default to core.php, and bootstrap.php.default to bootstrap.php in app/config.

Edit database.php:

var $default = array(
    'driver' => 'mysql',
    'persistent' => false,
    'host' => '<HOST>',
    'login' => '<LOGIN>',
    'password' => '<PASSWORD>',
    'database' => '<DBNAME>',
    'prefix' => '',

Change <HOST>, <LOGIN>, <PASSWORD> and <DBNAME> (database name) to the correspoding values in your system

Initial DB Dump

  1. To load the dump file (repositorium.sql) with initial data (users: admin and anonymous). It contains no documents and no criteria.

    mysql -u <LOGIN> -p <PASSWORD> <DBNAME> < repositorium.sql

  2. Now you have 2 users: anonymous and admin. The admin user has the following atributes
    • Login:
    • Password: password
  3. Then add a criteria, and then some documents or users.


At core.php file (app/config/), at lines 204 and 209, randomly modify some alphanumeric characters of the corresponding Salt and Cypher Seed. Example:

Configure::write('Security.salt', '<SOME LONG RANDOM STRING>');

This changes’ll avoid keeping the same session at different app clones, and for security sake.

(Academic) History:

  1. 2011A: Initial project
    • Project for course “CC5401 - Ingenieria de software”

Departamento de Ciencias de la Computacion (DCC), University of Chile

  • Staff:
  1. Jérémy Barbay -jyby@github (course client)
  2. Hernan Fierro (project manager)
  3. Pablo Estefo - pestefo@github (analyst)
  4. Felipe Banados - fbanados@github (designer)
  5. Nicolas Perez - thomaslight@github (developer)
  6. Mauricio Quezada - mquezadav@github (developer)
  7. David Contreras - dcontrer@github (tester)
    • Object:
  • creation of the first version of the prototype:
    • only text fragments
    • simple parameterized quality control
    • one single repository per server
    1. 2011A: Multi community
      • Internship
      • Staff:
  1. Jérémy Barbay - jyby@github (advisor)
  2. Mauricio Quezada - mquezadav@github (developer)
    • Object:
  • Clean the code and correct some bugs
  • Extend the engine to support multiple repositories, each with its own parameters and url.
  • install an instance of the engine at
    1. 2011B: Repositorium for Students
      • Internship
      • Staff:
  1. Jérémy Barbay - jyby@github (advisor)
  2. Carlos Gajardo - cgajardo@github (developer)
    • Object:
  • Add support for file attachments
  • fill a repository with education files (e.g. pdf of past exams) for students, inspired by the project Sensei (now collapsing for lack of participation)
  • propose to some students to use the new repository
  • survey student usage of the new repository
    1. 2011B: Repositorium for Professors
      • Internship
      • Staff:
  1. Jérémy Barbay - jyby@github (advisor)
  2. Hernan Fierro (developer)
    • Object:
  • correction of various bugs
  • implementation of the bug and feature management
  • Add support of visualisation features (e.g. LaTeX, HTML, etc…)
  • fill some repositories with pedagogical material (e.g. solved problems to compose assignments and exams) for professors, inspired by existing ad-hoc repositories (without quality control nor incentive to contribute)
  • propose to some professors to use the new repositories
  • survey professor usage of the new repositories.
    1. 2011B
      • Project for course “CC5401 - Ingenieria de software”

Departamento de Ciencias de la Computacion (DCC), University of Chile

  • Staff:
  1. Jérémy Barbay -jyby@github (course client)
  2. César Campos -ccampos@github (project manager)
  3. Rodrido Peralta -(analyst)
  4. Leonardo Rojas -LeoRojas@github (developer)
  5. Matias Bensan -(designer)
  6. Rafael Meruane -(tester)
    • Object:
  • Detection and management of duplicated material
    • Main aim to counteract the simplest attack consisting to resubmit exact copies or minor variants of documents already in the repository.
    • DOES NOT aim to implement advanced “plagiarism” detection.
  • Added tag-cloud.
  • Search for title and contents.


Document bootstrapping database with collective quality control






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