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(NOT MAINTAINED) A kohana module for NoSQL data management in Cassandra.
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Kohana Cassandra Data Model

A module for managing cassandra ( communication inside of Kohana (v3.0+). It is very similar to ORM in how it is constructed.

Quick Start

Modify the Config File

Move config/cdm.php to your application config directory and modify.

Code Away!

Example of a model:

class Model_User extends CDM {

    protected $_column_family = 'Users';

    protected $_is_supercolumn = TRUE;

    protected $_object = array
        'firstname'     => NULL,
        'lastname'      => NULL,


Methods of CDM

There are some differences in CDM in comparison to ORM that cannot change due to the actual purpose of a non-relational structure (NoSQL) versus relational (MySQL). In light of that, here are some new methods:

// Getting a single user

$key = 21837191; // User "primary key" if you will
$user = CDM::factory('user')->get($key);

// Getting multiple users:

$keys = array( 1, 2, 3 ); // User's primary keys
$users = CDM::factory('user')->get($keys);

// Setting and updating data for user 1

$user = CDM::factory('user', 1);
    'firstname' => 'Jonathan',
    'lastname'  => 'Reyes',
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