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Starter kit for quickly developing web applications with Node/Express (and friends)

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LEXXI 1.0.0


LEXXI is an abstraction layer (toolkit? meta-framework?) for quickly developing internet projects with a relatively straightforward express stack. It ties together some technologies you might choose for building a web application and then gets out of your way so you can make the magic happen.

Included by default:

LEXXI also introduces boilerplate, lightweight build scripts, error handling, application logging, lightweight authentication middleware, and a flexible application structure that can be organized in a variety of ways.

Read the full documentation here:

Install with Yeoman (recommended)

1. Install the Yeoman CLI (if you haven't already)

npm install -g yo

2. Install the LEXXI project generator

npm install -g generator-lexxi

3. Run the generator in your (empty) new project directory

yo lexxi

4. Start it up

npm run dev

You can now point your favorite internet browser to http://localhost:3001, where, if all went well, you'll see our friend (っ◕‿◕)っ reaching out for love in a world of darkness ♥

You are now free to develop your application as you see fit. Again, refer to the LEXXI documentation for more information about developing with this set of tools.

Manual Installation

1. Clone this repo into your (blank) project directory

git clone .

2. Disconnect your project from this repo

rm -Rf .git

3. Install all the dependencies

npm install

4. Start it up

npm run dev


Starter kit for quickly developing web applications with Node/Express (and friends)






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