Scripts, core files and statics for the RunUO server Imagine Nation
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Imagine Nation

Scripts and source code for the RunUO server Imagine Nation. Using RunUO SVN version 836 as of 2012-02-26, although heavily modified.

The following files are downloaded separately

To compile the source simply run compile.bat (requires .NET framework 3.5)

I will NOT offer any support for this. If you can't get it running, use google. If you still can't get it running, then you shouldn't run a server.

Third party tools installed: UO Architect Server

For best results, use a web server and configure all URL's and SQL files properly.

I want to thank everyone who contributed to Imagine Nation, developers, staff and players. Special thanks goes to Coldrake, who founded Imagine Nation, and maka, who did most of the work in the beginning and built the ground of this server.