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A wordpress widget to show your latest actions
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== Generous Wordpress Widget

A quick plugin to assist with displaying your latest Generous actions
on your wordpress blog. It is compatible with Wordpress versions 2.8+

== What you need to get started

To use this plugin you will need an account on Generous - a website that
helps you find ways to help make your world a slightly better place and
to connect with others taking the same steps. To sign up go to:

To set up the plugin you'll need to know your Generous profile address (URL). 
When logged into the site you can find that by clicking on the Profile link 
and looking in the address bar. Mine's:

== Installing the plugin

To install the plugin you will need to upload it to the wp-content/plugins 
folder on your server and activate it. If you need help with that, you can
consult Wordpress' documentation at

Once installed go to the widgets admin page and drop "Generous Actions" in
the relevant sidebar. For more on that see

You'll be prompted to enter your profile URL (see above) and to decide
whether you want to use our styling or to display without styling. The default
is to use our styling, but you can turn it off if you want more control.

== More Information

For more on ways to share Generous, badges, widgets etc. see

The latest version of this plugin can be found at:

The plugin--and the Generous website--is developed by James Stewart of Ket Lai ltd. You can 
see his other code at  find out more about his work at and read his blog at

== Changelog ==

= 0.1 =
* Initial release of plugin
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