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# Despite the name "package", this file contains the master list of
# the *repositories* that make up GHC. It is parsed by
# * boot
# * sync-all
# * rules/
# Some of this information is duplicated elsewhere in the build system:
# See Trac #3896
# In particular when adding libraries to this file, you also need to add
# the library to the SUBDIRS variable in libraries/Makefile so that they
# actually get built
# The repos are of several kinds:
# - The main GHC source repo
# - Each boot package lives in a repo
# - DPH is a repo that contains several packages
# - Haddock and hsc2hs are applications, built on top of GHC,
# and in turn needed to bootstrap GHC
# - ghc-tarballs is need to build GHC
# - nofib and testsuite are optional helpers
# The format of the lines in this file is:
# localpath tag remotepath VCS
# where
# * 'localpath' is where to put the repository in a checked out tree.
# * 'remotepath' is where the repository is in the central repository.
# * 'VCS' is what version control system the repo uses.
# * The 'tag' determines when "darcs-all get" will get the
# repo. If the tag is "-" then it will always get it, but if there
# is a tag then a corresponding flag must be given to darcs-all, e.g.
# if you want to get the packages with an "extralibs" or "testsuite"
# tag then you need to use "darcs-all --extra --testsuite get".
# Support for new tags must be manually added to the darcs-all script.
# 'tag' is also used to determine which packages the build system
# deems to have the EXTRA_PACKAGE property: tags 'dph' and 'extra'
# both give this property
# Lines that start with a '#' are comments.
# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
# localpath tag remotepath VCS
# ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
. - ghc.git git
ghc-tarballs - ghc-tarballs.git git
utils/hsc2hs - hsc2hs.git git
utils/haddock - haddock.git git
libraries/array - packages/array.git git
libraries/base - packages/base.git git
libraries/binary - packages/binary.git git
libraries/bytestring - packages/bytestring.git git
libraries/Cabal - packages/Cabal.git git
libraries/containers - packages/containers.git git
libraries/deepseq - packages/deepseq.git git
libraries/directory - packages/directory.git git
libraries/filepath - packages/filepath.git git
libraries/ghc-prim - packages/ghc-prim.git git
libraries/haskeline - packages/haskeline.git git
libraries/haskell98 - packages/haskell98.git git
libraries/haskell2010 - packages/haskell2010.git git
libraries/hoopl - packages/hoopl.git git
libraries/hpc - packages/hpc.git git
libraries/integer-gmp - packages/integer-gmp.git git
libraries/integer-simple - packages/integer-simple.git git
libraries/old-locale - packages/old-locale.git git
libraries/old-time - packages/old-time.git git
libraries/pretty - packages/pretty.git git
libraries/process - packages/process.git git
libraries/template-haskell - packages/template-haskell.git git
libraries/terminfo - packages/terminfo.git git
libraries/transformers - packages/transformers.git git
libraries/unix - packages/unix.git git
libraries/Win32 - packages/Win32.git git
libraries/xhtml - packages/xhtml.git git
testsuite testsuite testsuite.git git
nofib nofib nofib.git git
libraries/parallel extra packages/parallel.git git
libraries/stm extra packages/stm.git git
libraries/random dph packages/random.git git
libraries/primitive dph packages/primitive.git git
libraries/vector dph packages/vector.git git
libraries/dph dph packages/dph.git git