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/* These may already be defined */
#include <stdint.h>
typedef unsigned char uint8_t;
typedef unsigned short uint16_t;
typedef unsigned int uint32_t;
typedef unsigned long long uint64_t;
typedef char int8_t;
typedef short int16_t;
typedef int int32_t;
typedef long long int64_t;
#define true 1
#define false 0
#define TRUE 1
#define FALSE 0
typedef unsigned int bool_t;
typedef struct bytes_t{
size_t nbytes;
unsigned char* bytes;
} bytes_t;
/* Define a null value for bytes_t */
extern bytes_t bytes_t_null;
/* Define error codes */
typedef int ast_err;
#define AST_NOERR 0
#define AST_EOF (-1)
#define AST_ENOMEM (-2)
#define AST_EFAIL (-3)
#define AST_EIO (-4)
#define AST_ECURL (-5)
/* Define primitive types enum */
typedef enum ast_sort {
} ast_sort;
/* Define wiretypes */
typedef enum ast_wiretype {
ast_varint = 0, /* int32, int64, uint32, uint64, sint32, sint64, bool, enum*/
ast_64bit = 1, /* fixed64, sfixed64, double*/
ast_counted = 2, /* Length-delimited: string, bytes, embedded messages, packed repeated fields*/
ast_startgroup = 3, /* Start group (deprecated) */
ast_endgroup = 4, /* end group (deprecated) */
ast_32bit = 5, /* fixed32, sfixed32, float*/
} ast_wiretype;
/* Define the field modes */
typedef enum ast_fieldmode {
ast_required = 0,
ast_optional = 1,
ast_repeated = 2,
} ast_fieldmode;
/* Max depth of the message tree */
#define MAX_STACK_SIZE 1024
typedef enum ast_iomode {AST_READ, AST_WRITE, AST_FREE} ast_iomode;
/* Forward */
typedef struct ast_runtime_ops ast_runtime_ops;
typedef struct ast_runtime {
unsigned long long uid; /* unique number identifying who created runtime object: e.g. bytesio */
ast_iomode mode; /* Write/Read/Free (WRF) */
ast_runtime_ops* ops;
void* stream; /* data representing stream */
int err;
} ast_runtime;
struct ast_runtime_ops {
size_t (*write)(ast_runtime*,size_t,uint8_t*); /* writes stream n bytes at a time */
size_t (*read)(ast_runtime*,size_t,uint8_t*); /* reads stream n bytes at a time */
ast_err (*mark)(ast_runtime*,size_t); /* limit reads to n bytes */
ast_err (*unmark)(ast_runtime*); /* restore previous markn limit */
ast_err (*reclaim)(ast_runtime*); /* reclaim this runtime instance */
void* (*alloc)(ast_runtime*,size_t); /* allocate & clear memory chunk */
void (*free)(ast_runtime*,void*); /* free allocated memory */
/* Wrappers for rt->mark and unmark */
extern ast_err ast_mark(ast_runtime* rt, size_t avail);
extern ast_err ast_unmark(ast_runtime* rt);
extern void* ast_alloc(ast_runtime*,size_t); /* allocated zero'd memory */
extern void ast_free(ast_runtime*,void*);
extern size_t ast_ctypesize(ast_runtime* rt, ast_sort sort);
/* Define the primitive W/R/F functions */
extern ast_err ast_read_primitive(ast_runtime*, const ast_sort, const int fieldno, void* val);
extern ast_err ast_write_primitive(ast_runtime*, const ast_sort, const int fieldno, const void* val);
extern ast_err ast_read_enum(ast_runtime*, const ast_sort, const int fieldno, void* val);
extern ast_err ast_read_primitive_packed(ast_runtime*, const ast_sort, const int fieldno, void* val);
extern ast_err ast_write_primitive_packed(ast_runtime*, const ast_sort, const int fieldno, const void* val);
/* Append + extend a REPEAT field */
extern ast_err ast_repeat_append(ast_runtime*,ast_sort,void*,void*);
/* Procedure to write out tag */
extern ast_err ast_write_tag(ast_runtime*, const unsigned int, const unsigned int);
/* Procedure to write out count */
extern ast_err ast_write_size(ast_runtime*, const size_t);
/* Procedure to extract tags */
extern ast_err ast_read_tag(ast_runtime* rt, uint32_t* wiretypep, uint32_t* fieldnop);
/* Procedure to extract count */
extern ast_err ast_read_size(ast_runtime* rt, size_t* countp);
/* Procedure to skip an unknown field */
extern ast_err ast_skip_field(ast_runtime* rt, int wiretype, int fieldno);
/* Reclaim a runtime instance */
extern ast_err ast_reclaim(ast_runtime* rt);
#define ast_close ast_reclaim /*alias*/
/* Reclaim an allocated string or bytes_t */
extern ast_err ast_reclaim_string(ast_runtime* rt, char* value);
extern ast_err ast_reclaim_bytes(ast_runtime* rt, bytes_t* value);
/* Procedure to calulate size of a tag */
extern size_t ast_get_tagsize(ast_runtime*,ast_sort,int);
/* Procedure to calulate size of a value */
extern size_t ast_get_size(ast_runtime*, ast_sort, void*);
/* Misc. */
extern const char* ast_strerror(ast_err err);
extern void ast_logset(int tf);
extern void ast_log(const char* fmt, ...);
/* IO */
extern ast_runtime_ops ast_runtime_getopts(ast_runtime*);
extern ast_err ast_runtime_setopts(ast_runtime*, ast_runtime_ops*);
/* Create a runtime readers and writers backed by a byte buffer */
extern ast_err ast_runtime_bytes(void* buffer, size_t bufferlen, ast_iomode, ast_runtime** astp);
#endif /*AST_RUNTIME_H*/
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