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* Copyright 2009, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
* See netcdf/README file for copying and redistribution conditions.
* "$Id: nciter.h 400 2010-08-27 21:02:52Z russ $"
#ifndef _NCITER_
#define _NCITER_
#include <netcdf.h>
#if defined(__cplusplus)
extern "C" {
* The opaque structure to hold per-variable state of data iteration
typedef struct {
int first; /* false after first invocation of nc_next_iter() */
int right_dim; /* rightmost dimension for start of variable pieces */
size_t rows; /* how many subpiece rows in bufsiz */
size_t numrows; /* how many row pieces in right_dim dimension */
size_t cur; /* current "row" in loop over row pieces */
size_t leftover; /* how many rows left over after partitioning
* bufsiz into subpiece blocks */
int more; /* whether there is more data still to get */
size_t to_get; /* number of values to get on this access */
int rank; /* number of dimensions */
size_t inc; /* increment for right_dim element of start vector */
int chunked; /* 1 if chunked, 0 if contiguous */
size_t *dimsizes;
size_t *chunksizes; /* ignored if not chunked */
} nciter_t;
/* node in stack of group ids */
typedef struct grpnode {
int grpid;
struct grpnode *next;
} grpnode_t;
* The opaque structure to hold state of iteration over groups.
* (Just implemented as a stack of group ids.)
typedef struct {
int ngrps; /* number of groups left to visit */
grpnode_t *top; /* group ids left to visit */
} ncgiter_t;
* The Interfaces
/* Get iterator for variable data. Returns pointer to malloc'd
* nciter_t, which caller must later release using nc_free_iter(), not
* free(). */
extern int
nc_get_iter(int ncid, int varid, size_t bufsize, nciter_t **iterpp);
/* Iterate over blocks of variable values, using start and count
* vectors. Returns number of values to access (product of counts),
* or 0 if done. */
extern size_t
nc_next_iter(nciter_t *iterp, size_t *start, size_t *count);
/* Release memory allocated for iterator */
extern int
nc_free_iter(nciter_t *iterp);
* Simplest interface for group iteration: get total number of groups
* (including all descendant groups, recursively) and all group ids
* for start group and its descendants, in preorder. Note that this
* loses information about subgroup relationships, just flattening all
* groups into a serial list.
extern int
nc_inq_grps_full(int ncid, int *numgrps, int *ncids);
* More complex iterator interface: get group iterator for start group
* ncid and all its descendant groups.
extern int
nc_get_giter(int ncid, ncgiter_t **iterp);
* Get group id of next group. On first call returns start group,
* subsequently returns other subgroup ids in preorder. Returns grpid
* of 0 (never an actual group number) when no more groups.
extern int
nc_next_giter(ncgiter_t *iterp, int *grpid);
* Release memory allocated for group iterator.
nc_free_giter(ncgiter_t *iterp);
#if defined(__cplusplus)
#endif /* _NCITER_ */
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