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using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
namespace PatchIat
internal struct ImageDosHeader
///<summary>Magic number</summary>
public ImageDosSignature e_magic;
///<summary>Bytes on last page of file</summary>
public UInt16 e_cblp;
///<summary>Pages in file</summary>
public UInt16 e_cp;
public UInt16 e_crlc;
///<summary>Size of header in paragraphs</summary>
public UInt16 e_cparhdr;
///<summary>Minimum extra paragraphs needed</summary>
public UInt16 e_minalloc;
///<summary>Maximum extra paragraphs needed</summary>
public UInt16 e_maxalloc;
///<summary>Initial (relative) SS value</summary>
public UInt16 e_ss;
///<summary>Initial SP value</summary>
public UInt16 e_sp;
public UInt16 e_csum;
///<summary>Initial IP value</summary>
public UInt16 e_ip;
///<summary>Initial (relative) CS value</summary>
public UInt16 e_cs;
///<summary>File address of relocation table</summary>
public UInt16 e_lfarlc;
///<summary>Overlay number</summary>
public UInt16 e_ovno;
///<summary>Reserved words</summary>
public unsafe fixed UInt16 e_res1 [4];
///<summary>OEM identifier (for e_oeminfo)</summary>
public UInt16 e_oemid;
///<summary>OEM information; e_oemid specific</summary>
public UInt16 e_oeminfo;
/// <summary>Reserved words</summary>
public unsafe fixed UInt16 e_res2 [10];
/// <summary>File address of new exe header</summary>
public Int32 e_lfanew;
public void VerifySignature()
if (e_magic != ImageDosSignature.MZ)
throw new BadImageFormatException();
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