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Jython tools

Tools and libraries for enhancing Jython's integration with the Java platform

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  1. clamp clamp Public

    Implements clamp in Python. Pre-alpha version - API subject to change.

    Python 38 10

  2. fireside fireside Public

    Blazing fast Servlet 3.x API for WSGI apps running on Jython

    Python 10 3

  3. logbridge logbridge Public

    Bridge between Python's logging API and Simple Logging Facade for Java (SLF4J)

    Python 5 2

  4. pip pip Public

    Forked from jimbaker/pip

    Used for Jython 2.7.0 ensurepip bundle, now obsolete with use of upstream pip in Jython 2.7.1

    Python 5 2

  5. guava guava Public

    Wraps Guava collections as Python types


  6. artificialturf artificialturf Public

    Greenlet emulation for Jython using threads

    Python 1


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