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jeff5 Comments and minor re-write of PyJavaType.handleMroError
This is work in aid of bjo #2445, to make the logic clearer, without (I think)
changing it. It adds (but skips) a failing test that reproduces the continuing
problem with IBM classes related to MQ.

rename : tests/java/org/python/tests/mro/ => tests/java/org/python/tests/mro/
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Demo Clean up Demo directory Python content for readability Jul 12, 2018
Doc Merged against trunk 3515:4073 Jan 23, 2008
Lib Comments and minor re-write of PyJavaType.handleMroError Apr 19, 2019
Misc Cleanup of previous commit. Feb 5, 2017
ast Pull in hand coded ast work into code gen in asdl_antlr. Apr 13, 2015
b/.idea/libraries Updated several extlibs to most recent versions as of this writing. L… May 26, 2017
bugtests Move testing of compileall into Python regrtest Feb 11, 2015
grammar A little less noise from ANTLR during the build. Dec 28, 2018
lib-python/2.7 Updated httplib, urllib, urllib2 to CPython 2.7.13 versions. Mar 3, 2017
maven Merge 2.5. Feb 9, 2013
src Comments and minor re-write of PyJavaType.handleMroError Apr 19, 2019
tests Comments and minor re-write of PyJavaType.handleMroError Apr 19, 2019
.gitignore Provide Gradle build script with jar and test targets. Jul 11, 2018
.hgtags Added tag v2.7.2a1 for changeset dfc49bafbe79 Nov 23, 2017
.travis.yml Add a Java 8 linux build targets on Travis May 16, 2017
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Respect AST.lineno in compiled code (fixes #2635). Apr 4, 2019
CPythonLib.includes Use UTF-8 for file paths expressed in bytes. Apr 20, 2017
NEWS Allow struct unpack and unpack_from bytearray and buffer (GH-121) Apr 8, 2019
NOTICE.txt merge -r 3119:HEAD… Mar 9, 2007 Committed #114 'Add' Dec 4, 2018
build.gradle Fix star-import on Java 9 for selected modules, partially addresses #… Nov 25, 2018
build.xml Ugrade ANTLR to 3.5.2 Dec 27, 2018
gradlew.bat Provide Gradle build script with jar and test targets. Jul 11, 2018
registry Scan the whole Java runtime filesystem for packages (fixes #2362). Jan 12, 2019

Jython: Python for the Java Platform

Maven Central Javadocs

This is the development repository of Jython. Along with language and runtime compatibility with CPython 2.7, Jython 2.7 provides substantial support of the Python ecosystem. This includes built-in support of pip/setuptools (you can use with bin/pip) and a native launcher for Windows (bin/jython.exe), with the implication that you can finally install Jython scripts on Windows.

Note that if you have JYTHON_HOME set, you should unset it to avoid problems with the installer and pip/setuptools.

Jim Baker presented a talk at PyCon 2015 about Jython 2.7, including demos of new features:

The release was compiled on OSX using JDK 7 and requires a minimum of Java 7 to run.

Please try this release out and report any bugs at

You can test your installation of Jython (not the standalone jar) by running the regression tests, with the command:

jython -m test.regrtest -e -m regrtest_memo.txt

For Windows, there is a simple script to do this: jython_regrtest.bat. In either case, the memo file regrtest_memo.txt will be useful in the bug report if you see test failures. The regression tests can take about half an hour.

See ACKNOWLEDGMENTS for details about Jython's copyright, license, contributors, and mailing lists; and NEWS for detailed release notes, including bugs fixed, backwards breaking changes, and new features. We sincerely thank all who contribute to Jython, including - but not limited to - bug reports, patches, pull requests, documentation changes, support emails, and fantastic conversation on Freenode at #jython. Join us there for your questions and answers!

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