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Crocodile is a simple lib and executable for taking screenshots. Make it better. It relies on the selenium-client gem. Currently however, it is only compatabile with the selenium-client -v=1.2.14. Newer versions of the selenium gem are not yet supported.

$ sudo gem install selenium-client -v=1.2.14
$ sudo gem install crocodile

Once you have installed crocodile and the selenium-client gem you can quickly snap shots of mockups from the commandline:

$ crocodile --start --stop --width=1024 --height=768 mockup.html mockup.png

This tells crocodile to start the Selenium Remote Control Server in the background (and stop it when the task is completed). It tells it to load the file mockup.html (because no protocol is included, the script assumes this is on the local filesystem). Once loaded, the browser window will be resized to 1024 pixels by 768 pixels. The screenshot will be saved as mockup.png.

You can get basic help as well

$ crocodile --help


Copyright © 2009 Jeff Rafter. See LICENSE for details.