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# The network (COM) port the reader is attached to.
# Can find this with XM3 Manage
port: 3
# The address on the network where the reader is found.
# Can find this with XM3 Manage
address: 23
# The baud rate to connect at. Can be 9600, 19200, or 38400
# Can find this with XM3 Manage
network_speed: 19200
# The installer PIN for the reader.
# Can find this with XM3 Manage but defaults to 123456789.
password: 123456789
# Delay in seconds before the same person can trigger the door again.
reentry_delay: 5
# Path to the music player program.
music_player: 'C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe'
# Path to the songs.
music_repo: 'C:\Theme Music\Songs'
# Only play songs between these hours.
# Same as (start_hour...end_hour) in ruby (note non-inclusive range).
start_hour: 6
end_hour: 11