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Changing the website- user interface #137

sdosemagen opened this Issue Apr 15, 2012 · 0 comments

2 participants


Point: Jeff
Team: Shannon, Stewart
Importance: high

  • People knowing that they can change the website
    • Don’t know what it means to subscribe
    • Does ever feature of the site have to be clear to every user?
    • If they aren’t already tech literate- doesn’t always occur to them that they can edit
    • More obscure or advanced features shouldn’t bother people
    • What are core things that can help people collaborate?
    • Wiki vs. research note
    • Even if we are simplifying- need to make clear, easily findable documents
    • Instructions are an issue- what are problems and proposed solutions
  • Wiki page is called “getting started”- on your user dashboard- other entry points
  • landing page/home page different
  • Too many words on site- slightly obscure more advance info
@jywarren jywarren was assigned Apr 15, 2012
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