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Aktaion V2: Open Source Tool For Microbehavior Based Exploit Detection

Aktaion V2 is a python3 project for detecting exploits (and more generally attack behaviors). The project is meant to be a learning/teaching tool on how to blend multiple security signals and behaviors into an expressive framework for intrusion detection. The key abstraction we wanted to protoype is the idea of a microbehavior. This concept helps to provide an expressive mechanism to add high level IOCs such as timing behavior of a certain malware family in parrallel to simple statsitcs, rules or anything relevant to building a programmitic descpriotn of a sequential evolving set of advesary behaviors.

Current project URL:

The original Java/Scala code is located here:

Project Setup (use python 3):

pip3 -r requirements.txt

Running the demo


Running the ML Logic in debug mode