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Everybody loves question & answer games, but none of those let nerdism shine. This repo gathers nerd-questions, so everybody can play geeky
questions-answer games and check the nerd level of your buddies.


Simply fork this repo, add your questions and send us a pull request. Comment commits and pull requests or create a ticket.

Thanks to marcinbunsch, who created a commandline interface to create new questions(he hates writing json). Start it with: ./creator [category]


Questions are submitted in JSON, with one question per file and MUST align with our JSON-Schema. We have setup travis-ci which automatically tests all questions.

You should run the tests before sending us a pull-request: bundle install bundle exec ruby validate_all.rb

How to Play

It is up to you on how to use questions. Just think of building yourself a web-based game or create a print-service middleware ...

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