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  • Fix for #2360
  • Added option cookieOptions: Passed through to $.cookie to set path, domain etc.
  • Tested with jQuery 1.2.x and 1.4.3
  • Fixed combination of persist: "location" and prerendered: true


  • Added changelog (this file)
  • Fixed tree control to search only for anchors, allowing images or other elements inside the controls, while keeping the control usable with the keyboard
  • Restructured folder layout: root contains plugin resources, lib contains script dependencies, demo contains demos and related files
  • Added prerendered option: If set to true, assumes all hitarea divs and classes already rendered, speeding up initialization for big trees, but more obtrusive
  • Added jquery.treeview.async.js for ajax-lazy-loading trees, see async.html demo
  • Exposed $.fn.treeview.classes for custom classes if necessary
  • Show treecontrol only when JavaScript is enabled
  • Completely reworked themeing via CSS sprites, resulting in only two files per theme
    • updated dotted, black, gray and red theme
    • added famfamfam theme (no lines)
  • Improved cookie persistence to allow multiple persisted trees per page via cookieId option
  • Improved location persistence by making it case-insensitive
  • Improved swapClass and replaceClass plugin implementations
  • Added folder-closed.gif to filetree example


  • Fixes for all outstanding bugs
  • Added persistence features * location based: click on a link in the treeview and reopen that link after the page loaded * cookie based: save the state of the tree in a cookie on each click and load that on reload
  • smoothed animations, fixing flickering in both IE and Opera
  • Tested in Firefox 2, IE 6 & 7, Opera 9, Safari 3
  • Moved documentation to jQuery wiki
  • Requires jQuery 1.2+