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Contributing to jQuery Validation Plugin

Thanks for contributing! Here's a few guidelines to help your contribution get landed.

  1. Make sure the problem you're addressing is reproducible. Use or to provide a test page.
  2. Add or update unit tests along with your patch. Run the unit tests in at least one browser (see below).
  3. Run grunt (see below) to check for linting and a few other issues.
  4. Describe the change in your commit message and reference the ticket, like this: "Fixed delegate bug for dynamic-totals demo. Fixes #51". If you're adding a new localization file, use something like this: "Added croatian (HR) localization"

Unit Tests

To run unit tests, you should have a local webserver installed and pointing at your workspace. Then open http://localhost/jquery-validation/test to run the unit tests. Start with one browser while developing the fix, then run against others before commiting. Usually latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera and a few IEs.


To run jshint and other tools, use grunt. To install, you need nodejs and npm, then run npm install -g grunt.

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