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jQuery Validation not working in IE8( jquery 1.6 ) #105

tarascv opened this Issue · 17 comments

I'm trying to use the jQuery Validation plugin on a form . The form works in FF, Chrome but not work in IE8.


Same too. No validation in IE.


Same too. not working in IE6,7,8


minimal code to prove the problem:


Hate to do a same too, I went back to jQuery 1.5.1 and validation behaved as normal with IE8. I was previously trying to use jQuery 1.6.1 just to make sure the bugs in 1.6.0 didn't have anything to do with it. As already mentioned this is not a problem in FF or Chrome from my testing.

For further info, the potential fix from kbdguy above does not work when run in IE, at least on mine.


I reported this up in the JQuery forums. I tried it with jquery 1.6.1 and it still does not work with IE 8.


With jQuery.validate 1.8.1 and jQuery 1.6.1 it is now working as expected for me in IE8, so hopefully this issue is resolved.


All set here too.


Just confirming 1.8.1 and jQuery 1.6.1 it is working for me, too, now. It's great that this is a free product, and I am grateful for it. But I am disappointed that for version 1.8.0 the claim was it was actually tested with jQuery 1.6, when it clearly WASN'T. At least not any sort of a thorough test that certainly should have included ie. If whoever supposedly tested it had even one time brought it up under ie 8, the fact that it wasn't working would have been instantly evident.


@kdbguy. Thanks to your vigilance we caught it. I hadn't done a complete re-test myself at that point with IE 8, although our test PC would have caught it when we pushed the next version of our app to the test server. I am now using IE Tester on my laptop so I can always go back.


I sign to. No validation in IE8.


I also wanted to confirm this, here is an updated example using jQuery 1.6.1 and Validate 1.8.1 which works in IE8.


Tested in IE9 and IE9 in IE8-mode, not works.


darknode: I don't have IE9, but tested your example in IE8 in all 3 modes with the IE Dev Toolbar (IE7, IE8, IE8 Compatibility) and it worked every time. I'm using IE 8.0.7600.16385 on Windows 7 64-bit, also tested on Vista 32-bit.


I have done limited testing using jQuery 1.6.1 and Validate 1.8.1 on Windows 7 with IE 9.0.8112.16421.

The plugin seems to work in this configuration: I see validation messages appear when expected, the plugin returns the correct boolean values, etc, etc...


Just a side note in regards to testing: it is important to avoid IETester when checking compatibility. While it claims to be using the same engines, try firing up a virtual machine with IE6 installed and you'll notice a world of differences. I've been through a host of solutions: MultipleIEs, IETester and the Dev Toolbar modes - and frankly nothing compares to the real thing running on a virtual machine.


It seems this is fixed. Thanks.

@mlynch mlynch closed this

don't use :

 rules : {
  name : "required"

use :

rules : {
 name : {
  required : true
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