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Remote validation data as function #237

marcos-fedato opened this Issue · 2 comments

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The jQuery ajax does not accept functions as data, it makes sence $.ajax is creared and used at the same time.

The remote validation calls is set once and called a few times.

I use a remote validation for multiple keys on the database so i serialize the all form and passes is on the data param.

But it does not work since if i put the data: $('form:first').serializeArray() it gets only the initial value of the form.

If i put data: function () {$('form:first').serializeArray();} it does nothhing cause $.ajax doesn`t accept functions as data.

i was thinking inchange the remote: function to check the params and parce the if it is a function

if (jQuery.isFunction(
{ =;

But i don`t know if it will change the original param, becouse it must retain the function for next calls

more on:


You could use beforeSend as the callback.


Based on other bugs it was decided that using the built-in jQuery Ajax features is preferred vs adding custom features like this. I am going to close this since you can use beforeSend to modify the data before it's sent as @jzaefferer mentions.

@mlynch mlynch closed this
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