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Request/Suggestion #278

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It would be nice to have a predefined html element such a <span> where error messages are displayed so that you can place that <span> or whatever element in front, back, top or down (or wherever) of a <input> element.

It also would be useful to specified the rules in a HTML5 Custom Data Attribute, e.g., data-validate or data-rules


<div class="field">
<input type="text" data-validate="{required:true,email:true,messages:{'email':'Invalid email address', 'required':'Required'}}" id="author_email" name="" value="">
<span id="author_first_name_error" class="hasError"></span>

Last, but not least, this plug-in is awesome!!!



re: using data attribute


Thanks. You can control the position of an error label using the errorPlacement or using errorContainer/errorLabelContainer. The data-attributes request is noted, thanks!

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