Remote validation clears validationmessages of the fields above the field with remotecheck #517

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First I added a comment on this thread: #12
But my situation is slightly different.

When I have a form with remote-validation and using async=false all errormessages of the fields above (in html) won't be shown.

I provided some sample code:

You'll see that validation works when the remote-validation-field is the first field in the form.. but when moved to the end, no error messages but the one from the remote-check will be shown.


I added the following answer on stackoverflow:

I found in jquery.validate.js (v1.10.0 - 9/7/2012) that in the showErrors function is called when all rules are validated and again invoked seperately when the remote-rule is finished.

When the remote-rule finishes and the showErrors function is called this.errorList will be reset. But at that point the this.errorList variable will contain the previous validation messages.

Commenting the this.errorList = []; will fix above problem. I don't know if it breaks anything else.

showErrors: function(errors) {
        if(errors) {
            // add items to error list and map
            $.extend( this.errorMap, errors );
            //this.errorList = [];
            for ( var name in errors ) {
                    message: errors[name],
                    element: this.findByName(name)[0]
            // remove items from success list
            this.successList = $.grep( this.successList, function(element) {
                return !( in errors);
        if (this.settings.showErrors) {
   this, this.errorMap, this.errorList );
        } else {
@11mb 11mb pushed a commit to 11mb/jquery-validation that referenced this issue Oct 15, 2012
@william-nedbase william-nedbase Fixed synchronised remote calls.
Fix as described in Issue #517.
- Removed line 385 this.errorList = [];

When using async=false remote-validation errormessages of the fields
above (in html) won't show up.

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