Fix for issue# 301 (IE 7-9 problems with "required" attribute) #344

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This small fix will enable non-HTML5 browsers to return a boolean true from the .prop() call in .attributeRules() - eliminating the need to do browser detection and attribute/class manipulation during $(document).ready().

This change will fix the currently open issue #301



Paul, I just tested this on Firefox 3.6 and it does not behave correctly. Specifically, the attribute is empty which on non-HTML5 browsers will not return a boolean true on attribute access, but technically it is still defined (though it's a "falsy" value).

Could you revise this to handle this case? Thanks.


Just to add, this is certainly a bug as our original code and tests fail under this browser and need to be fixed, so handling an an attribute that has the empty string as a value rather than undefined will help us fix this.


I'll see what I can do, and thanks for the feedback.


It appears that firefox 3.6 has some issues with respect to this attribute, see the following:

My own testing on this browser showed that custom attributes would return their values (with $.attr() at least) but "required" always returned undefined. Which is annoying to say the least.

However, there is a workaround using... gasp native javascript. I'll push the FF3.6 fix and make a new pull request

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