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Pitfalls Examples

Examples for "Pitfalls and opportunities of single-page applications".

All examples are, on purpose, incomplete in various ways. For examples, loading hires images as thumbnails and on mobile is silly, but simplifies the setup enough to make it useful for demonstration purposes.


Needs node and npm. Run npm install to get dependencies.

Run node server.js or ./server.js to start development server.

Better yet, npm install nodemon -g and run just nodemon. In this case, you only have to restart manually when changing templates.

Open the displayed URL.

Further resources

Application Frameworks

Code-sharing frameworks

  • Browserify, make node-style require available on the clientside
  • Bones, with a focus on sharing Backbone code on client and server
  • Joshfire Framework, with a focus on supporting every device with a screen
  • Derby, with a focus on realtime collaborative applications
  • Meteor
  • Socketstream

More on client+server rendering

slide resources

HTML5 history API

Client side error handling

Not yet covered by examples, but this blog post shows options for tracking those frontend errors.