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Simple History

This is a JavaScript library to lightly wrap the HTML5 history API, promoting the API in its most useful form, without a hashchange fallback or trying to fix irrelevant bugs.

If you need an implementation with hashchange fallback, give History.js a try.


Before you intialize any relevant event handlers, check if HTML5 history is supported:

if (SimpleHistory.supported) {
	// event handlers

When support is available, use SimpleHistory.start to be notified whenever state changes:

SimpleHistory.start(function(fragment) {
  // pass to router

That callback is called whenever a state change occurs (push or pop, not on replace). Its not called on page load, assuming the inital rendering is done on the server. If not, you have to implement it elsewhere.

To trigger a state change manually, use the pushState and replaceState methods:


As with the underlying API, pushState adds a history entry, replaceState replaces the current history entry. Use replaceState whenever you implement a redirect.

Both also accept an second optional state argument (the first argument in the underlying implementation).

SimpleHistory.pushState(fragment, state);
SimpleHistory.replaceState(fragment, state);

The title argument is not supported, as browsers don't implement that. Its trivial to implement where needed, just update document.title manually.


This library is intended to be kept as simple as it is now. It won't ever support a hashchange fallback, nor updating document.title. If you find an issue, please file a ticket. Of course, patches (via Pull Requests) are welcome.


Copyright 2012, Jörn Zaefferer

Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.