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This is a light weight integration layer between TestSwarm and BrowserStack. Use it to spawn BrowserStack workers needed by TestSwarm on demand.

This script is currently compatible with:

Howto use CLI:

testswarm-browserstack.cli.js --swarmUrl "" --swarmRunUrl ""  --user "BrowserStackUser" --pass "myBrowserStackPass@#$" --run --kill

This above command will spawn (via --run) AND kill (via --kill) BrowserStack workers as indicated by the TestSwarm swarmstate API. This command should be executed on a regular interval, via cron or other scheduler - for more short term requirements, see cli-repeat (command line utility to repeat a command at regular interval).

In most cases, the --kill option should always accompany the --run option. This will ensure workers are not running idle (although eventually browserstack will still terminate idle workers after clientTimeout).

This repo contains two (main) parts:

  1. testswarm-browserstack.js - Abstraction of TestSwarm API, and Scott González's BrowserStack API. Use it to spawn BrowserStack workers to keep your TestSwarm populated from your own JS code.
  2. testswarm-browserstack.cli.js - nodejs CLI interface wrapper around it all. Allows for scripted or easier manual invocation of browsers.



Call this first! get/set the options required to run. Passing in an object literal will set the options. calling without arguments will return the current options.

Example options:

    user: 'myUserId',
    pass: 'myPassWurd',
    swarmUrl: '',
    swarmRunUrl: '',
    verbose: false,
    kill: true,
    clientTimeout: 6000

Option Definition:

  • user - BrowserStack username
  • pass - BrowserStack password
  • swarmHost - Hostname of TestSwarm server (without protocol or slash)
  • swarmPath - Path on the server to TestSwarm (without trailing slash)
  • swarmRunUrl - URL to the TestSwarm run page (including client name), for BrowserStack workers to open
  • verbose - Output more debug messages (all output via console.log)
  • kill - Kill BrowserStack workers if they are no longer needed
  • dryRun - Don't actually execute any browserstack worker "terminate" or "start". Only log what it would do. Intended for debugging or getting statistics.
  • stackLimit - How many workers can be running simultaneously in BrowserStack
  • clientTimeout - Number of minutes to run each client


  • Get statistics about the TestSwarm, keyed by browser ID
  • parameters:
    • function callback(error, swarmState)
      • error (object|null) - Object with 'code' and 'info' property (TestSwarm API error codes)
      • swarmState (object|undefined) - Swarm state object with all browsers and their pending runs, and active clients.


  • Start the needed workers. If --kill option is set, will also kill any running workers that are no longer needed. Be sure to set options first via testswarm-browserstack.options({ options...}).


Kill a single worker. Calls BrowserStack.terminateWorker()

  • parameters:
    • workerId (integer) - BrowserStack Worker ID as returned by startWorker.


Kill all workers running on BrowserStack.


this is a nodejs CLI interface wrapper around testswarm-browserstack.js. Use --help for all you need to know (see above for usage example):

  Usage: testswarm-browserstack.cli.js [options]


    -h, --help               output usage information
    -V, --version            output the version number
    --killAll                Kill all BrowserStack workers
    --killWorker [workerid]  Kill a BrowserStack worker by its worker ID
    --getNeeded              Shows a list of browser IDs that have pending jobs in TestSwarm
    --kill                   Kill BrowserStack workers if they are no longer needed (Only if --run is also specified)
    --run                    Start new workers in BrowserStack based on the swarm state
    -u, --user [username]    BrowserStack username
    -p, --pass [password]    BrowserStack password
    -v, --verbose            Output more debug messages (all output via console.log)
    --swarmUrl [url]         URL of TestSwarm root (without trailing slash)
    --swarmRunUrl [url]      URL to the TestSwarm run page (including client name), for BrowserStack workers to open
    --clientTimeout [min]    Number of minutes to run each client (BrowserStack timeout, defaults to 10 minutes)