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release 2
* merged OSX fixes from DrVenkman (LameLefty on github). These fixes
improve CPU usage and serial performance on OSX. Thanks to DrVenkman
for implementing and testing them, and also thanks to Hias for pointing
out where and what the changes should be.
* fixed some weird boolean casting stuff on line 80 and 85 of
serialport-unix.cpp, thanks to DrVenkman for pointing it out.
* fixed a missing '&' in serialport-unix.cpp around line 85, thanks
to Hias for pointing it out and suggesting the fix.
* fixed Help -> About RespeQt and Help -> User Manual, thanks to Kyle22
for pointing out that they were outdated. They should automatically
mirror changes in about.html and the user manual as well.
* updated documentation to match the current state of things. (thanks
to Kyle22 again, for pointing out that I had forgotten to do this when
I released r1).
- translations are probably totally broken at this point, until new
ones are created specifically for RespeQt, and a couple other things
are fixed (like handling of multiple languages in the user manual
* cleaned up source tree a bit
* added temporary fix for incorrect Operation Complete and Operation
Error timing (fixes #2)
* added copyrights to most source files
* fixed log text box not resizing on window resize (#3)

NOTE: RespeQt build for debian x86_64 is built by atarixle, taken (with permission) from here: http://www.abbuc.de/~atarixle/download/#respeqt
This is not a static build and will require at least certain qt5 libraries to be installed on your system. This binary may run on linux distributions other than debian. Please refer to somewhere else to find out the procedure for installing qt5 libraries within your particular linux distribution

On the other hand, the Mac OSX and Windows-32 builds are built 'statically', and should include all the libraries required to run them.