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BLOG_DIR := ../../jz-home
POST_DIR := $(BLOG_DIR)/_posts
IMAGE_DIR := $(BLOG_DIR)/images/2016-06-02-knitr
## This target generates post files if necessary and copies them
## into the proper location to be seen on the blog
.PHONY: deploy
deploy : post
@echo --- Moving markdown output to blog ---
@cp output/ $(POST_DIR)/.
@echo --- Copying image files to: $(IMAGE_DIR) ---
@mkdir -p $(IMAGE_DIR)
@cp output/figures/*.* $(IMAGE_DIR)/.
## This target just makes the post files locally
.PHONY: post
post: output/
@echo --- Generating post ---
## First, extract parameters from the text-based makefile into an R
## list saved into an RDS object file. This just makes it easier to access
## parameters by name during model execution and post-processing
output/parameters.Rds : munge/extract_parameters.R data/parameters.csv
@echo --- Extracting parameters from CSV ---
@mkdir -p $(@D)
./$< -o $@ -p $(word 2, $^)
## Using the parameter values from the input data, simulate a data file
output/samples.csv : src/simdata.R output/parameters.Rds
@echo --- Simulating data ---
@mkdir -p $(@D)
./$< -o $@ -p $(word 2, $^)
output/figures/d_density.png : src/data_figure.R output/samples.csv
@echo --- Generating data figure ---
@mkdir -p $(@D)
./$< -o output/figures -d $(word 2, $^)
output/ : 2016-06-02-knitr.Rmd data/parameters.* output/figures/d_density.png
@echo ----Translating RMD to Markdown ----
@mkdir -p $(@D)
Rscript \
-e "require(knitr)" \
-e "knitr::render_jekyll()"\
-e "knitr::knit('$<','$@')"
.PHONY: clean
rm -rf output
rm -f $(POST_DIR)/
rm -rf $(IMAGE_DIR)
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