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Canyonlands National Park 2
National Park
Island in the Sky

Third in a three part series on Arches and Canyonlands trip over May 1-3.

False Kiva

I had seen this on EveryTrail, and heard about it from a coworker as a great off-the-beaten-trail to do. Once you find the trail it is really hard to get lost. Follow the footprints on the wash and the cairns on the rocks. You end up under the mesa looking out toward the Green River basin; respect the Native American artifacts.

Park at the Alcove Springs Trail turn-off and walk South on Upheaval Dome Road for 0.2 miles. Should be in-between the white stakes on the right-hand (facing South) side of the road, toward the end of the logs (you will have to step over), and right before the curve to the left in the road.

If you do end up taking the wrong wash, be a good steward of the desert and jump from rock to rock to avoid disturbing the sand-fixing cyanobacteria.

Again, what is with people starting at high-noon?!? Saw no one until then.

  • 1.5 miles RT; ~2.5 hours total (went down the wrong wash at first); 500 ft elevation change
  • NOAA Point Forecast

{% include google_drive_image_embed.html id="0B0yT30uCaFvvTWFsSk5UcXo4OTg" %}

Aztec Butte

From the Short Hikes listing. Just about done for the day, we were heading back out of the park, and we saw this easy guy on the topo maps. Pretty much flat until you do a scramble up the butte to get a good 360 view of the Island in the Sky district. We skipped the Native American ruins, because food, and have seen plenty in the past.

  • 1.8 miles RT sans graneries; ~30 minutes total; 500 ft elevation change

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