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White Ranch East access short course loop
White Ranch
Jefferson County Park
mountain bike

White Ranch Park is on the West side of CO-93, North of downtown Golden. Typical to the various parks in the front range, there is lower elevation semiarid vegetation, with pine forests at higher/wetter elevations.

My mountain biking mentor and I hit the trail from the parking lot around 9am. He has technical abilities that I do not, while I have the aerobic endurance; this tends to balance things out.

From the parking lot, through the wash, to the stream crossing is a light uphill. Beyond the stream crossing, the Belcher Hill trail is a sustained climb, until a little bit beyond the Longhorn trail turn-off (see map). We were hoping to go farther, but my partner tore a hole in his side wall and inner tube cleaning some rocks in the pine forest. He hiked back down and I looped back on the Whippletree trail.

Returned to a rather full parking lot around 10:30am.