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early January in South Florida
South Florida
Hallandale Beach

Highlights of early January (7-11) 2016 trip around South Florida.


Beachwalk Resort is a 10 minute walk from public Hallandale Beach access. We stayed on the private residence side (East) of the complex in a 3BD/3BA Airbnb. Great unit owned by Real.

Only snafu was getting keys from the night manager ~12:30am. Next day, one of the day concierges had things wrapped up in 10 minutes. The parking is valet-only, but we never tipped ... and there was no damage to our rental car with Georgia plates.

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Within walking distance:

  • Very late lunch at Padrino's Cuban Cuisine on Friday. Flavors were on point. Be sure to grab some coconut beans and rice.
  • Dinner ~6:15pm at Il Mercato Cafe & Wine Bar. We got ahead of crowd and even then they only had space outside; wind protected, quite nice. Get the Grilled Artichoke and Squash Ravioli.


Had hit this park in a previous Florida Keys trip, but the weather seemed favorable enough and we needed something to do. Unfortunately, the water levels were particularly high this year. The local rangers advised against doing any of the Flamingo Trails unless we had the gear. Not going to happen with the whole family.

Not to worry, the Long Pine Key Trails sit higher than surrounding areas. A quick out and back from Gate 4 to the first hardwood hammock (going West) was a decent compromise; it is double track the whole way. Look for Gate 4 a bit North and on the West side of the road from the main campground area and the Jurrasic Park looking structure. At the only fork, follow the trail to the left instead of back to the main road North (right); a fifth of a mile at this point.

Derped around on and Allegedly vultures will damage your vehicles. We did not see any, nor was this sign here 5 years ago. At least my dad looked fabulous in a tarp to head to our car during a rainstorm.

Hobe Sound

Combined a trip North to Blowing Rocks Preserve and Jonathan Dickinson State Park.

According to one of the interns that ran a quick tour, the diving is fantastic during the spring and summer around Blowing Rocks.

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Rented a kayak at the river side concession in Jonathan Dickinson for an hour or so to get some upper body exercise.

Tennis Courts

Got some tennis in before checkout. The nearest public courts were empty at 9am.