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Eccles Pass
Dillon Ranger District
Summit County
Gore Range

For how close the trailhead is to Frisco, I am surprised that I was one of 8 cars at the lot at 7:45am. When I returned ~12pm, there was a line of vehicles about a quarter of a mile down the forest service road. No facilities at the lot, but plenty of tall grasses.

The first 2.5 miles in, is nothing but climbing, sometimes over hard boulder wash areas. Once the trees start thinning, the climb turns to rolling next to Meadow Creek ... until ... the final push to the pass.

The best time to do this is definitely in high summer, as Meadow Creek and the lakes feeding it made the nearby ground mushy even on a warm day like today.

Route Map

{% include google_maps_embed.html mid="1Y-FmPUoKL1VuP069Yusbij4n0Hg" %}

RT ~10 miles + 1 mile along spine. ~3K ft elevation change. 4.5 hours including 20 minutes fooling around on unnamed flat peak.

Vail Pass USGS 2013 quadrangle excerpt

{% include google_drive_image_embed.html id="0B0yT30uCaFvvSkJoQktvMzJETUk" %}