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July 4th Telluride long weekend

Trip notes for another glorious long weekend with a great crew ... in Telluride and Ouray. Do note, the bike park in Telluride is FREE. How about a video of the bike park?

Friday June 30

Left Boulder ~3:30pm, for an arrival ~11pm at the AirBnb. Check in was not until after 4pm anyways. It is a 6.5 hour drive with no stops.

Saturday July 1

Picked up mountain bike rentals at the base of the Telluride gondola:

Took the gondola up and spent the morning and early afternoon on:

Made it back to the Mountain Village side of the gondola bound for the Telluride side of the gondola via the cruisy:

Grabbed groceries just around the corner at:

Had a dinner reservation at:

Sunday July 2

Spent all of the morning and early afternoon at the Ridgway Area Trails:

{% include google_drive_image_embed.html id="10nS1R-J9IV_DxoKImTIyFZhVx56kIOBm" %}

Had a very late lunch ~3pm? at Maggies Kitchen, because every other brewpub in town was packed out. They have a great back patio (which is upstairs).

Monday July 3

Dinner at was glorious!!!

Tuesday July 4

Booked a Family Rock Climbing - Half Day for $350 with Mountain Trip to take us up the Pipe Line Wall at the head of the canyon. It was my first time climbing outside ... terrifying, but fun! ~10am fighter jets from Colorado Springs buzzed overhead for Telluride's 4th of July parade.

Wednesday July 5

Headed home.