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introduction to Leadville snowmobiling
Turquoise Lake

The first time I have been snowmobiling in probably 5 years! Gorgeous day snowboarding via snowmobile above Leadville around Turquoise Lake and up in the mining district on the East side of town. Much lower traffic areas than the typical snowmobiling destination of Vail Pass.

Given the Sawatch Avalance forecast, early season snow, grooming reports for Leadville, and my mediocre technical abilities on a snowmobile, we stuck to two areas with low slide probability.

Grabbed some beers and eats at Periodic Brewing after.

Turquoise Lake

{% include gaiagps_embed.html mid="k77UeN29YvMEMfRZipXWdTrp" %}

Only a few spots of exposure to potential slide paths that cross CO-4 on the South side of the lake.

{% include google_drive_image_embed.html id="1f9CBuaxhV-EiONLYHFw7CZgUVxLjH46A7A" %}

Gorgeous meadow South of Uncle Bud's Hut before we tracked it out.

Mining District

{% include gaiagps_embed.html mid="hlbw0zxRiXcwa4ZVdIhyQ6WG" %}

No real slide exposure, just watch out for the old mines.

{% include google_drive_image_embed.html id="1Hho2ftT5Tfw9eVq8LKZzTHrEQa1d2LZ2kQ" %}

3 slides above treeline on the South and SE faces of Little Evans Gulch.