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use GAE as a REST-ish queue for (initially notifier) tasks via django-nonrel
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django-nonrel based project for using Google App Engine as a REST-ish taskqueue

taskifier is based on the django-testapp template for creating a Google App Engine app with django-nonrel. Run ./ APP_ID VERSION_ID to initialize a development environment; this will download all dependencies and generate an app.yaml.

For use with taskifier_js.

Development Dependencies

  • a standard POSIX shell with unzip and tar binaries installed
  • git and hg binaries in path
  • pip binary in path


  • When using ssh transport GitHub requires you to have the public-key of the cloning machine on file, even when cloning from a public repository.

Tested Dev Environments

  • Cygwin (bash) on Windows 7 (64 bit)
  • OSX 10.8.x (64 bit)

Development Commands

  • load example TaskOwner for local testing: python loaddata taskifier/fixtures/test_data.yaml
  • local dev server: python runserver
  • run all unit tests: python test taskifier
  • run specific unit test suite: python test taskifier.QueueTestSuite
  • run specific unit test: python test taskifier.QueueTestSuite.test_ready_and_delete_tasks

Production Deploy

  1. deploy the project to GAE: python deploy. This could take 10 minutes. May want to wait a few more minutes after it finishes for the HRD to stabilize.
  2. Create the first owner by connecting to the remote datastore - python remote shell - and executing the following with the remote Python interpreter:
from taskifier.models import TaskOwner
task_owner = TaskOwner(email='', key='example')
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