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A collection of items for using PostSharp
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Posharp Aspect Library

... is a bunch of aspects used to clean code from various cross-cutting concerns. It's based on PostSharp AOP. The library can be used with .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0.

PostSharp AOP can be downloaded from or just use the corresponding Nuget package. There is a free version which is very powerful and should be able to be used in most of your applications.

Included Aspects

  • LogCalls - Logging of entering and exciting the current method. Also logs exceptions.
  • TimeProfile - Metering the method execution time and writing it to log4net loggers.
  • ParameterNotNullCheck - Check if the given parameter is null, if null throws.
  • RetryOnError - Will retry the method execution, if there was an exception.
  • HandleException - Handles an exception occur in the current method. (Allows supression)
  • various PerformanceCounter -
  • PropertyChanging - change of property value notification
  • NotifyPropertyChanged (copy from PostSharp samples) - Implements the NotifyPropertyChanged for every property.
  • Threading (copy from PostSharp samples)
  • Caching (copy from PostSharp samples)
  • AddDataContract (copy from PostSharp samples) - Applies the DataContract Attribute to each class (WCF)

Used Libraries

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