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A normalize.css plugin for the Compass framework.
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normalize.css - Compass Plugin

A Compass plugin of Nicolas Gallagher's normalize.css project.


Check out the gem on

$ gem install compass-normalize-plugin


Execute the following command to create a new project with compass, using normalize.css:

$ compass create my_project -r normalize --using normalize

To add normalize.css to an existing project, edit config.rb and add compass to your imports:

require 'normalize'

Import the plugin and use the mixin

@import "normalize";
@include normalize;

or include and use only parts of it:

@import "normalize/base";
@include normalize-base;
// ...

Available mixins and imports

import mixin
normalize-html5 normalize/html5
normalize-base normalize/base
normalize-links normalize/links
normalize-typography normalize/typography
normalize-lists normalize/lists
normalize-embedded normalize/embedded
normalize-figures normalize/figures
normalize-forms normalize/forms
normalize-tables normalize/tables


Public domain


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