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Pzy3d - 3d charts for Python

Build Jzy3d charts for Python.

Jzy3d is a java library that can be invoked multiple ways :

  • Py4j binding : python initialize a Java Virtual Machine acting like a server. Python scripts then exchange informations with this server. See src/main/python/py4j-*.py
  • Jython : your python program is interpreted inside a JVM. It can use Java objects. See src/main/jython/jython-*.py

Using Py4j

Py4j allows calling a Java Virtual Machine from Python. Py4j can call java methods and access java instance references.

Install using Pip

pip install pyzy3d


from pyzy3d.pyzy3d import Pyzy3d
from pyzy3d.generator import Generator

pz = Pyzy3d()

# Generate data
n = 10000
coords = pz.new_coords(n)
Generator().scatter(coords, n)

# Drawable scatter
scatter = pz.new_scatter(coords)

# Chart
chart = pz.chart(0)
chart.add(scatter)"Pyzy3d - Scatter", 800, 600)


Will prompt

Console should show it started Py4j Gateway and connected successfully as follow:

Will start Pyzy3d Gateway : /Users/martin/Dev/jzy3d/public/pyzy3d/src/main/python/pyzy3d/bin/pyzy3d-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
Pyzy3d gateway invoked : /Users/martin/Dev/jzy3d/public/pyzy3d/src/main/python/pyzy3d/bin/pyzy3d-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
Joining Pyzy3d gateway ...
Pyzy3d gateway joined

and then show a scatter plot:

  • Start a JVM using Pzy3d Jar file located in bin/
  • Initialize a java Coord3ds to provide a java point cloud Reference
  • Set coordinates and colors from python
  • Open a Jzy3d chart

Run example plots

cd src/main/python # go to source folder if you are developing pyzy3d

python examples/
python examples/

Surface example is interesting since it shows a way to define a function to render by the JVM gateway.

It will produce the below chart:

Surface example is based on pyzy3d default Func3d

from numpy import *

class Func3d(object):
    def __init__(self, monitor=False):
        self.k = 0
        self.doMonitor = monitor

    def f(self, x, y):
        return cos(x) + sin(y)

    def monitor(self):

    class Java:
        implements = ['org.pyzy3d.PyFunc3d']

Last line states that Func3d implements the PyFunc3d java interface. Overriding Func3d.f(x,y) let the JVM ask to python which Z value should be generated for a given {X,Y} pair.


  • shutdown callback server when caller as finished processing
  • detect if gateway is up or no to guess if it should be started
  • flag to state if it should remain up + how to reconnect to callback server


  • Kill a running instance of Py4j JavaGateway
lsof -n -i4TCP:25334 | grep LISTEN

Will show callback server process that might remain awake if Pyzy3d.shutdown() did not execute. Read process id and

kill [pid]

Packaging the Python library


Build java gateway

mvn clean package
cp target/pyzy3d-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar src/main/python/pyzy3d/bin/

The java gateway sources are here

Verify you can run the python tests

cd src/main/python
pytest -svv

Build python package

cd src/main/python
python sdist

Install pyzy3d with an alias so that updated source do not need re-install

pip install -e .


pip install .

Deploy python package

Now register for test deployement

twine register dist/pyzy3d-1.0.1.tar.gz -r testpypi

Now deploy to test

twine upload dist/* -r testpypi

Using Jython

Install Jython

  • Mac OS brew install jython
  • Other google install jython

Run example plots


Building Pyzy3d Jar Jython

Compile as follow

mvn clean package
cp target/pzy3d-api-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar bin/

Using Pyzy3d with Jython

Jython requires path to be defined as follow jython -Dpython.path=bin/pzy3d-api-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar src/main/jython/

Using Pyzy3d with Py4j

Py4j requires gateway to be started with java -jar bin/pzy3d-api-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar. Then run a script like python src/main/python/


Python binding to Jzy3d using Py4j or Jython




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