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@k-barton k-barton released this May 18, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release

Version 0.3.232b (Bugfix update)

  • Fixed: dropping an "*.RData" file path onto Attached Packages list (R Browser widget) no longer opens the file in the editor.
  • After installation/update, the R toolbar is restored if needed (workaround for a bug in Komodo 11).
  • Fixed 0.3.210b regression that caused some item icons in the R Browser to disappear.
  • R Package Manager -> Set Repositories: checking/unchecking additional repository now triggers an update of the available packages list. Improved keyboard/mouse navigation in the repository list.

Version 0.3.210b:

  • R data preview: data.frames content can be shown in the internal browser tab. Use R Object Browser item context menu ("View") or an R command: view(<data.frame object>).
  • Preferences: Start-up options get new checkboxes to edit command line.
  • Codeintel: fixed problems with non-ascii names in code completion. Still, the issue with completions being left-trimmed when there are multibyte characters in the completed line remains (issue #26).
  • Improved output from R (in some special cases errors or warnings were not printed correctly or were omitted. For example when error occurred both in the function and in its on.exit code) (issue #12)
  • R object browser: Added option for browsing R function body code (activated with the Object Browser toolbar's cog menu item).
  • R Toolbar has a new button to switch back to evaluation in .GlobalEnv (globe icon). The button becomes active when the current R evaluation environment (frame) is not the Global Environment (the "R user's workspace"). Use setEvalEnv(new.env(()) R command to temporarily switch to a local environment (new variables and assigned values will not go into .GlobalEnv).
  • Start-up: better detection of an open R session at start-up (when the previously connected R session had been open when Komodo was re/started the R Object Browser sometimes failed to activate).
  • In the Toolbox, there is a new tool to reconnect with the R session in case of a disruption (Toolbox -> R Tools -> Troubleshooting -> Fix R Connection settings).
  • R code formatter now calls style_file from R package styler with the hard-coded tidyverse_style formatting options. Ultimately, the code formatter will be implemented internally in JS.
  • Slightly refurbished "R Help window" and "R Package Manager" (SVG icons etc.)
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