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R object browser:

  • a large "start R session" button is displayed in place of the R objects tree if no R session is connected.
  • "R Search Path" panel has been refurbished. It displays dependences for each item, and packages which depend on the item. Items (with dependencies) can be detached via command buttons or by pressing Delete (or Shift+Delete).
  • object list is being automatically updated after a command is executed by R. To go back to manual refresh uncheck the option in "R Preferences".

"R preferences" page:

  • User can edit the command to start R.
  • Information about R version string is shown upon choosing the R application path.
  • Package formatR is detected (and installed) via command line, so also when no R session is connected.
  • On Linux, some additional terminal emulators to run R within have been added.
  • On Mac, added option to use xterm (this has not been tested and is likely not to work).

Command Output panel:

  • Large outputs from R no longer cause Komodo freeze.
  • R output's printing width is set to match the width of the Command Output panel.

R Package Manager has new style that matches application theme.

"R Tools" toolbox has a new folder "Troubleshooting" with some tools that may come in handy when something breaks down.

The code has been reorganized. Most JS code is now included in CommonJS modules.

Most internal R commands are executed asynchronously.

A number of bug fixes and stability improvements.

  • R Package Manager now works on Linux again
  • R Tools have been updated