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K-Box user permissions

The next table summarize the permission associated to each user role

Permission Description Partner Project Manager K-Box Administrator
"User can access the Documents page" User can access My Uploads, Recent, Starred, Trash sections. x x x
"User can access the Shared with me section" User can access "Shared with me" section only. And preview, download files shared by other users x x x
"User can upload documents" User see "Create or Add" button on top navigation bar, and can upload files, versions of files x x x
"User can trash documents" User can delete files x x x
"User can add/remove personal collections" User access My Collections section, and can create/delete collections in that section x x x
"User may directly share personal documents with other K-Box users" User see "Share" option in right-click menu, and can share files with other users x x x
"User can access the Projects section" If added to projects, user see them in "Projects" section x x x
"User can edit documents" User can change file's title, abstract, language, copyright information, and add/remove authors x x x
User can un-/publish documents" If K-Box connected to network, user can see "Publish" option in right-click menu and can make files public in the network x x
"User can create Projects" This permission, coupled with "User can access the Projects section", allow user create new projects in "Projects" section x
"User can access the Administration area" This permission define a K-Box Administrator x
"User can clear own Trash" User see "Empty Trash" option on Trash section. By using "Empty Trash" option user can permanently delete all files from Trash. x
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