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Description: admin related documentation


Projects help to create communities of users who share a common goal. Projects can contain files and collections, accessible by authorized users, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Projects are created and maintained by Project Administrators and K-Box Administrators. Only one person can be a Project Administrator. Currently there is no way to transfer administrative rights to another person in UI.

Projects section

Project management is performed from the Projects page. If your profile has Project Management capabilities, you will see the New Project button

navigation menu

The page lists the created, managed and accessible projects.

Create a new Project

To create a project, press the button New Project that is on the top right of the page:

Create Project Button

After inserting the project name, description and users, press the Create Project to save your changes.

Project name must be unique within the user's managed projects

Project details

This page shows project members and personalization options.

Project Details

This page is showed when you select Details from the right-click menu of a project.

Edit an existing project

To edit a project, press the Edit button that is listed in the right-click menu. On the project edit page you can add and remove users from project.

Project Edit - details-menu

Save your changes, when finished.

Deleting a project

Currently a project cannot be deleted.

Work with K-Box

For more information about the K-Box, check the user documentation folder.

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