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User documentation

User documentation

K-Box is a web-based Free and Open Source Data Management Tool. It offers a flexible approach for managing documents and for disseminating them.

By default, the K-Box interface opens in My Uploads section.

Main page

In the upper menu you can select all files, create new collection or upload a new file, share and trash selected files and also choose view option.

upper menu


In the upper left corner you can search among your files.


Personal preferences

By clicking on the avatar (which might be represented using the initials of your name) you can access your profile, where you can update contact information, password and the language in which you wish to use the K-Box (currently English, French, German, Kyrgyz, Russian, Tajik).

personal settings

Files navigation

You can access the left-hand navigation menu where files are categorized into My Uploads, Recent, Starred, Shared with me, Geographic Data and Trash. Besides that you can find accessible projects and/or organize files in collections.

Left navigation menu

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